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Rakeness-based CS for Gaussian/Antip./Ternary/Binary matrices

  • Version 1.0, August 2015

download the distribution file

RakenessCSv1.0.rar (here)


1 - Unzip the distribution and create a directory called rakenessCSv1.0. We'll refer to this directory as <RCS>.

2 - Execute the following commands from the Matlab prompt.

addpath(genpath(<RCS>)); % add RakenessCS folder to current path

cd <RCS> % change current directory

3 - To verify that the installation is working, execute the following command:


The last command correctly works only if exist a preinstallation of the solver for large-scale sparse reconstruction named SPGL1. It is needed in order to solve the l1 minimization problem characterizing the CS decoding stage.

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